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Mulder N, Adebiyi E, Alami R, Benkahla A, Brandful J, Doumbia S, Everett D, Fadlelmola F, Gaboun F, Gaseitsiwe S, Ghazal H, Hazelhurst S, Hide W, Ibrahimi A, Joubert F. 2016. H3ABioNet, a sustainable pan-African bioinformatics network for human and heredity and health in Africa. In Genome Research, 26, pp 271-277.
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Mwita L, Chan WY, Pretorius T, Lyantagaye S, Lapa S, Avdeeva L, and Reva O. 2016. Gene expression regulation in the plant growth promoting Bacillus atrophaeus UCMB-5137 stimulated by maize root exudates. In Gene, 590, pp 18-28.
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pp 50-59.
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Zaets I, Podolich O, Reva O, and Kozyrovska N. 2016. DNA metabarcoding of microbial communities for healthcare. In Biopolymers and Cell, 32(1), pp 3-8.
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