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Cukrowski I, Sagan F, and Mitoraj M. 2016. On the Stability of Cis- and Trans-2-Butene Isomers. An Insight Based on the FAMSEC, IQA, and ETS-NOCV Schemes. In Journal of Computational Chemistry, 37, pp 2783-2798.
Davidowitz B, and Potgieter M. 2016. Use of the Rasch measurement model to explore the relationship between content knowledge and topic-speci c pedagogical content knowledge for organic chemistry. In International Journal of Science Education, 38(9),
pp 1483-1503.
Doucet F, Mohamed S, Neyt NC, Castleman BA, and van der Merwe EM. 2016. Thermochemical processing of a South African ultra ne coal  y ash using ammonium sulphate as extracting agent for aluminium extraction. In Hydrometallurgy, 166, pp 174-184.
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