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Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Department of Statistics

Debusho, LK

MSc(Addis Ababa) PhD(UKZN) - Sen Lecturer

Contact Details

Research Output

Contact Details:

Telephone number: (012) 420-4643
Fax number: (012) 420-5185
E-mail address:

Research Output:

Research articles in refereed specialist journals:

Sileshi G, Akinnifesi FK, Debusho LK, Beedy T, Ajayi OC, Mongomba S: 2010. Variation in maize yield gaps with plant nutrient inputs, soil type and climate across sub-Saharan Africa. Field Crops Research, 116, pp 1-13.

Papers in refereed, published conference proceedings:

Debusho LK, Haines LM: 2010. D-optimal population designs for the simple linear random coefficients regression model. In Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Conference of the South African Statistical Association for 2010 (SASA ), SASA, pp 52-59.


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