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 Their ‘sometimes yes’ conclusion calls for more sophisticated leadership research that goes beyond counting the number of women leaders, and instead, focuses on measuring gender and mechanisms that link leadership to organisational performance. The paper, accepted in the Journal of Management, has been nominated for the 2017 Saroj Parasuraman Outstanding Publication on Gender and Diversity in the Academy of Management Organisational Behaviour division.
Professor Stella Nkomo is an international thought leader in gender and diversity in organisations. She received a National Research Foundation (NRF) A-rating in 2016, publishing work that is very much in line with her commitment to giving back to, and developing, young scholars. An article published in the Journal of Corporate Citizenship (June 2016) sketches her journey as a young black scholar in the United States, and finding her way to the topic of study that would become her lifetime passion – gender and diversity in organisations. A co-authored book chapter on practices of managing diversity in emerging countries is a good example of her devotion to organisational scholarship in developing nations. The work contrasts three developing nations: India, Pakistan and South Africa, and illustrates how developing nations are responding to macro-level forces, such as legislation and immigration, in organisational diversity policy.
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