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 The texts grouped under this
theme illustrate research related
to development and the economy:
from women in the workplace, the
risk and survival of small businesses, stock markets, and African markets,
to leadership, new rules for social justice, and developmental states. Each provides a different dimension to the challenges faced by developing regions, in particular. The theme concludes
by shifting to materials science and collaboration with industry in fixing
old industrial equipment and finally, to energy – the demands for sustainable and clean energy, smart grids and integrating renewal energy sources, and the potential to ‘outsmart nature’ by harvesting light.
12 Women and the workplace
14 Business rescue – the idea of reasonable prospect
15 South African markets and investor actions
16 Leadership and development in Africa
17 Understanding business and management in Africa
18 New rules for global justice
19 Developmental states are not there for the taking
20 Collaborative research saves the day for local heavy industry 22 Energy
23 Sustainable clean energy at low cost and high efficiency
24 Smart grids – integrating renewable energy
25 Light-harvesting – outsmarting nature
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