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 This theme highlights areas where
UP is at the forefront of creating new knowledge on pests and diseases of plants relevant to Africa, building research capacity and networks, and developing new innovations for pest management. The examples include research on diverse systems such as tree-associated fungi and insects, and pests of maize, tomato, potato and fruit crops. This theme also addresses the vital role of bees as pollinators of both native flora and agriculturally important crops, and the threats to honeybees and other pollinators. Finally, two profiles of UP researchers who focus on invasive species and their threats to biodiversity and the economy, are included.
90 Plant health in an interconnected world
92 Mycology as a field of excellence in Africa
93 Systems genetics – UP researchers unravel gene networks
95 Good and bad – opportunistic bacterial species
96 Identifying defence mechanisms
96 Staple food crops and pathogens
97 Sustainable agriculture and food security
98 Food and biodiversity – the role of bees
100 Understanding invasive species
100 Identifying priorities to prevent the introduction of invasive species
101 Invasion biology and the study of flies
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