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 This theme ties together the links between antiquity and contemporary social issues, from the study of glass beads and ancient trade routes, to rethinking ancient forms of urban evolution, heritage conservation and the importance of preserving cultural heritage, to the analysis of the pathogen drivers of human mortality. Staying
with issues of heritage and land, the ‘invisible people’ of the Tankwa-Karoo bring into focus a landscape and the people who have always lived there,
in contrast to a distinctly different emphasis on fracking in the Karoo. The multidisciplinary focus of this theme is further extended to lifestock keepers in two rural communities, the translation of a century-old text, and the ‘drama of meaning’, a text that again illuminates the work of a prolific writer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
44 Ancient glass beads – markers of trade routes
45 Great Zimbabwe – rethinking ancient forms of urban
46 Heritage conservation – a journey of discovery
48 Fracking in the Karoo – seismicity-related risks
49 Briewe uit die Tankwa – a forgotten people
50 Livestock keepers – focused snapshot of two rural communities
52 Freud’s original ideas on sexuality
53 G K Chesterton and the drama of meaning
54 Ancient DNA – pathogenic drivers of human mortality
 Andries en Katriena met Nathan, Briewe uit die Tankwa
Adriaan Oosthuizen
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