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 This theme groups research related
to human rights and the law, from the interaction between research, advocacy and the use of courts to protect children, to international law on armed conflict and human rights, migration and forced displacement, as well as constitution- building in Africa. UP houses several strong legal research entities, with
three featured here – the Centre for Child Law, the Centre for Human Rights, and the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa, each with a distinct contribution to the theme on human rights. Texts on a documentary film and exhibition, as well as a theatre performance, add further dimensions to understanding our ‘apartheid afterlives’ and rights.
28 The rights of children – research, advocacy and litigation
30 Barriers to justice – children with severe communication
31 UN Manual on investigating violations of the right to life
32 Armed drones and international law
34 Promises and Lies
35 Mama Mudu’s children – Ubuntu in contemporary society
36 The future of democracy
37 Migration – Africa, the continent most affected
38 Constructs of transgender and the science of our times
39 Children and Schooling
40 Human rights – beyond the rhetoric
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