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  the 2016 SAIW Harvey Shacklock Gold Medal Award for a paper presented in Melbourne, Australia in 2016. He has focused on the in-service degradation of welded components due to a relatively rare degradation mechanism, that of graphitisation.
In steels operating at elevated temperatures and high pressures, strength is often imparted by iron carbides present at the nano-level. The research involved the characterisation of the service
exposed components, the development of welding procedures, and the characterisation of the likely in- service behaviour after repair welding of oil refinery equipment.
Front left: Waldo Stumpf, Roelf Mostert, Rorisang Maubane. Back left: Muthoiwa Netshilema, Kevin Banks, Alison Tuling, Charles Siyasiya, Vinod Kurup, Kofi Annan, Carel Coetzee, Liezl Schoeman, Njingalwazi Magwentshu, Sibusiso Mahlalela. Inset: Pieter Pistorius. Below: Optical micrograph of simulated carbon steel, taken by MSc student, K Lekganyane.
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