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Chawana R, Patzke N, Alagaili A, Bennett NC, Mohammed O, Kaswera C, Gilissen E, Ihunwo A, Pettigrew J, and Manger P. 2016. The distribution if Ki-67 and doublecortin immunopositive cells in the brains of three Microchiropteran species, Hipposideros huliginosus, Triaenops persicus, and Asellia tridens. In Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology, 299,
pp 1548-1560.
Chigwenhese L, Murwira A, Zengeya F, Masocha M, de Garine Wichatisky M, and Caron A. 2016. Monitoring African bu alo (Syncerus ca er) and cattle (Bos taurus) movement across a damaged veterinary control fence at a Southern African wildlife/livestock interface. In African Journal of Ecology, 54, pp 415-423.
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Davimes J, Alagaili A, Gravett N, Bertelsen M, Mohammed A, Ismail K, Bennett NC, and Manger P. 2016. Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx) respond to increased ambient temperatures with a seasonal shift in the timing of their daily inactivity patterns. In Journal of Biological Rhythms, 31(4), pp 365-374.
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pp 329-347.
delBarco-Trillo J, Greene L, Goncalves I, Fenkes M, Wisse J, Drewe J, Manser M, Clutton-Brock T, and Drea C. 2016. Beyond aggression: Androgen-receptor blockade modulates social interaction in wild meerkats. In Hormones and Behavior, 78, pp 95-106.
Demares FJ, Crous KL, Pirk CWW, Nicolson SW, and Human H. 2016. Sucrose sensitivity of honey bees is di erently a ected by dietary protein and a neonicotinoid pesticide. In PLoS One, 11(6), pp 1-17.
Deschodt CM, Davis ALV, and Scholtz CH. 2016. A new monotypic genus, a species synonymy and nomenclatural corrections in the arid-adapted Canthonini (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeindae) from the Succulent Karoo Biome of south-western Africa. In Zootaxa, 4147(4), pp 490-500.
Eldred T, Meloro C, Scholtz CH, Murphy D, Fincken K, and Hayward M. 2016. Does size matter for horny beetles? A geometric morphometric analysis of interspeci c and intersexual size and shape variation in Colophon haughtoni Barnard, 1929, and C. kawaii Mizukami, 1997 (Coleoptera: Lucanidae). In Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 16, pp 821-833.
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